Traveler's Time

My exciting glimpse of Chicago:

It's been years since I've flown. I've worked at a slaughterhouse, and modern air travel is remarkably similar to the stock chutes - designed to funnel large herds, lots of lines and ramps, and attempts to minimize awareness of the upcoming discomfort. I'm not sure coach could pass an ASPCA inspection. Frankly, security should stop bothering to have selected items of clothing removed. Just have us strip to our BVDs and be done with it.

At any rate, the only method to survive this voluntary torture is to switch off your brain and turn on Traveler's Time. There are no deadlines or appointments, just this foggy, fuzzy space where the only thing you control is showing up. Faces slide by, but most are at least polite. It's necessary to make the time pass and to prevent the breakdown that you know lurks under the facade of your (very) near neighbor.

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