Musicovery fits the mood you're in

I often find myself listening to music my husband purchased, instead of what I like best, because I have a terrible memory for names. Whenever I decide to buy some music, I can't remember who I want. The sales clerks get to giggle as I attempt to hum the song I'm searching for, but that seldom gives them a usable clue. (Maybe I should learn the harmonica . . . ) I occasionally manage to find things through lyrics websites, but generally, I just have to live without.

Thanks to StumbleUpon, I found the Musicovery service two days. It has a great interface for finding music that fits your mood, then purchasing it through major services like Amazon or iTunes if you so desire. I've started marking my favorites and blocking the songs I don't like, and I'll go back later to buy the mp3s I like best. Even better, I can start building a music collection that matches my tastes, instead of whatever happens to be in the house.

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