Free Music Day

Today was free music day around here – Emma was listening to the Fratellis, and so I started surfing. Levi’s, of all companies, is offering a bunch of free mp3 downloads from people you’ve actually heard of. I got them all, and these were the ones I like:

The Swell Season (Glen Hansard from the Commitments and Once, both of which I loved. They have one of the Amazon $5 albums this month, which I also grabbed.)
Jason Mraz
The Shins
She & Him

You have to sign up, but that’s why we have a junk email addresses.

I also poked around in the Amazon MP3 store. My favorite so far reminds me a lot of Paul Simon - Josh Roushe's I will Live on Islands.

Total spent today: $1.98. Number of songs added to iTunes: 76. I stick them all in my “New Tunz” playlist, listen a few times, and then figure out which "real" playlist they belong in, if any.

Must admit my fav so far was one of the $0.99 songs – Michael Buble singing the Spider-Man theme.

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