She likes it! She likes it!

My wallet is unbelievably grateful that my kids are still at the age where I can foist old tech on them, and they don't know enough to complain. It's a summer Friday, so we're not as picky about bed times with the kids, but the 10-year-old just can't put her new iPhone down. (Although since it doesn't have cellular access, perhaps it should be called some hybrid name - iPhod? I call TM!) She's even having fun with the email feature. Here's the conversation (misspellings and grammatical errors included):

Emma to Mom (10:25 p.m.)
Subject: To morrow
Hey dad what are doing to morrow? Emma

Mom to Emma
Subject: To morrow
This is your mother. Try again. Mom

Note the change in subject line - she's not figured out how to reply to an email yet.

Emma to Mom (10:28 p.m.)
Subject: My other letter
I met you! So what are we doing to morrow. Emma

Mom to Emma (10:41 p.m.)
Subject: My other letter
Spelling - I meant you. And I don't know. Mom

At 11:00 p.m., she was sent to bed. (Yeah, right.)

Emma to Mom (12:13 a.m.)
Subject: To morrow
Hey mom just wanted to know what we are doing to morrow. Emma

It's nice that I've gotten my gender back, but why am I getting an email after midnight from a 10-year-old that's within yelling distance?

Mom to Emma (12:20 a.m.)
Subject: To morrow
Emma go to sleep before I confiscate your phone. Mom

And here's where we enter the halls of "Ultimate Parental Ironies". She doesn't know how to reply to my email, but decides that despite the threat of confiscation, a reply is required. So she sends me yet another email.

Emma to Mom (12:23 a.m.)
Subject: Go to sleep
FIne. Emma

She's just not gone to sleep so she can respond to my instruction to go to sleep. At this point, I start laughing, never a good thing when you're trying for that "strict parent" mien.

I think she likes her iPhod(TM)!

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Unknown said...

That is hysterical. And think if you had taken the phone you wouldn't have had such a lovely reply.